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Hi, I'm Marc Chicoine, a visual artist and dancer now based in Raleigh, NC. Thanks for stopping by to view my work. I have original pieces and reproductions available. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and enjoy your visit!

About Marc Chicoine

Marc Chicoine We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.
- Proverb from Tokushima

Marc Chicoine is a visual artist and dancer based in Brooklyn, NY and Raleigh, NC. Marc was born in the Bay Area of California. He received his BA from Chicago based Northwestern University in Cognitive Science and Communication. He moved to NYC in order to pursue freestyle dance and further develop his creative ambitions. Marc began as a designer and commercial artist within the education technology sector, before returning to school to receive an MFA from the Pratt Institute.

Marc's paintings focus on corporeal experience with heavy influence from his dance practice. Both technically informed and raw, his encaustic, dry media, and gouache/oil pieces bridge the universal with the intimately psychological. Marc has exhibited across the United States. Showings include the Pratt Institute, Rhode Island Watercolor Society, Viridian Artists in Manhattan, and Attleboro Arts Museum, amongst others. In free time, Marc enjoys sharing on the dance floor, being a long time student under dancer and teacher Sekou Heru. Marc believes that his movement practice is integral to his visual work, both creatively, rhythmically, and gesturally. Both systems of expression bridge technical prowess with improvisation.

'When creating visual narratives, be it with brush or on the dancefloor, I strive to bridge the universal with my own intimate psychosocial experiences. I aim to inspire viewers to consider how they ~wiggle~ through this life, and how seemingly isolating experiences may be vantage points for shared truths. I hope to peel away the divisive constructs we fashion around ourselves in order to reveal the shared patterns of experience and behavior at our core.' - MC